DecisionDx®-SCC Overview

The DecisionDx-SCC genomic test measures the biological activity of specific genes in your tumor that tell how likely it is for your tumor to spread or metastasize. It provides you with accurate and personalized information to help guide decisions about your treatment and ongoing management. It is intended to be used in a patient with an SCC diagnosis and the presence of one or more traditional risk factors.

How DecisionDx-SCC Can Help

DecisionDx-SCC test result provides a genomic-based determination of your tumor’s likelihood to metastasize within the next 3 years. The test measures the activity of specific genes in your tumor, providing a result of low (Class 1), moderate (Class 2A), or high (Class 2B) biological risk of metastasis. DecisionDx-SCC provides you and your healthcare provider an independent classification that is personal to your squamous cell skin cancer.

Class 1

Class 1

Low risk of your cancer spreading (metastasis).

Class 2A

Class 2A

Moderate risk of your cancer spreading (metastasis).

Class 2B

Class 2B

High risk of your cancer spreading (metastasis).

You and your healthcare provider can use the information provided by DecisionDx-SCC to better plan your treatment and ongoing monitoring. ​For example, if your tumor is Class 1 (low risk), routine treatment options may be a reasonable choice, avoiding unnecessary treatments and frequent follow-up unless they become necessary later. However, if your test results identify your tumor as Class 2A or 2B (moderate or high risk), perhaps a more aggressive approach to treatment would now be considered.

Benefits of DecisionDx-SCC 

DecisionDx-SCC test identifies the risk of squamous cell tumors spreading, better than traditional risk assessments alone. Test results can be used with established methods, for an even more precise risk prediction. DecisionDx-SCC provides unique insights for squamous cell skin cancer management. Your healthcare provider will use your test results (in combination with other information and procedures) to plan your treatment and ongoing management.


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